You’re not too small or boring for PR!

You might think your business is too boring for public relations to work for you. After all, isn’t PR all about glitz and glamor? Well, you might be surprised to learn that PR is actually perfect for “boring” businesses. You’re not too small or boring for PR! Here’s why:

When there’s a creative angle and story to tell, there’s a way for brand new startups and small businesses to make a splash in the news:

The key is to find a newsworthy angle or story that will make your business stand out – The angle does not need to be, and shouldn’t be – what your business does as a whole. Once you have that unique angle, you can use a variety of PR strategies to get the word out. Most don’t know where to even start. Here’s a key tip:

-Find a creative way to tell your story: Think outside the traditional press release and come up with an attention-grabbing way to share your news. This could be a variety of pitch angle ideas, and your PR rep should ask you the right, pointed questions to dig at these and come up with creative ideas to share with media. They may suggest angles you hadn’t considered that weave in some key brand messaging about you and your business – this is a great start, if so.

You do not need to be a Fortune 500 company nor even have tens of employees to be newsworthy:

You do not need to be a Fortune 500 company nor even have tens of employees to be newsworthy. In fact, solo-preneurs and small businesses have some of the most compelling expertise to share with the world – they just need to understand how to share their knowledge in an interesting way.

Here are three tips on how you can make your small business or startup more media worthy:

  1. Be the expert in your field and share your knowledge. If you can show the world you are an expert in your field, they will want to know more about you and your business.
  2. Be newsworthy: Have something new or exciting happening in your business? Whether it’s a new product launch, expansion into new markets or even winning an award – make sure the media knows about it!
  3. Be interesting: No one wants to read solely “about us” AKA just the company – so make sure your content is interesting and engaging.

We’ve gotten dryer vent cleaning companies and hydraulic hose replacement companies in top-tier news – your business is not too boring to be newsworthy:

No business is too boring for public relations. It’s all about finding what is compelling and interesting about your company, product or service and then sharing that story with the media.

For example, we’ve done successful media relations campaigns for a dryer vent cleaning company and a hydraulic hose replacement company – two businesses that some may deem “boring.”

But there is always a story to be told – we just need to find it. Once we do, we can then craft a newsworthy pitch and get media coverage in top-tier publications.

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