Why You Need a Media Relations Professional for your Franchise Grand Opening

A grand opening is a very important day for any business, but especially for a franchise. It’s the day when a new business makes its public debut and starts to build its reputation in the community. A franchisee’s grand opening event can attract a lot of local foot traffic – which can lead to long-term customers – but only if it’s properly publicized. 

When it comes to celebrating a new franchise business, a grand opening is a time-honored tradition. But these days, simply cutting a ribbon and inviting the community in for cake is no longer enough. In order to make sure your grand opening gets the attention it deserves; you need to hire a professional.

That’s where franchise grand opening PR support and media relations come in. A good PR campaign will generate excitement and curiosity about the new business in the community, which will translate into foot traffic on the big day.

They will work with you to develop a grand opening strategy that includes everything from pre-event publicity and press release drafting to media prep for on-site interviews to post-event follow-up and pitching. And they’ll make sure that your grand opening is covered by the media outlets that matter most to your target audience.

Of course, a grand opening event also needs to be well-organized and well-executed in order to be successful. But with a little help from a professional PR and media relations team, you can make sure your grand opening event is a big success.

How does a PR professional help you prepare for a franchise grand opening?

  • Develop a media list: A PR pro will have a database of media contacts that they can tap into for your grand opening. This list can help you get local media coverage leading up to and on the day of your event.
  • Develop a list of key messages that you want to communicate to the media and the public. These will be focused on the unique aspects of the franchise and what sets it apart from other businesses in the area.
  • Create a press release: A well-written press release can generate media interest in your grand opening. A PR pro can help you craft a release that will catch the attention of reporters and editors. Then he/she will properly pitch it to the media along with related news hooks.
  • Follow up with media: After your grand opening, a PR pro can follow up with the media to thank them for their coverage and pitch additional story ideas, leading to more coverage after the fact.

There is a great deal of effort that goes into opening a new franchise location, and the grand opening is your first step into the public eye. In order for it to have the greatest impact, it must create a splash with media and local customers. So, don’t go it alone. Let a media relations professional help you make some noise.

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