HighRes PR Celebrates Two-year Anniversary!

HighRes PR is celebrating its two-year anniversary this month. It’s been simply an incredible year, as we continue to grow and work hard for our clients – making big splashes for every single one in the news. In addition to healthcare, tech, finance and B2B marketplaces last year, we’ve continued to grow with clients in digital apps, restaurants, nonprofits, wellness retail and ice cream!

Here are a few of the many highlights we achieved this year:


  • Interested investors called our health-tech app client, having seen them in the news and seeking to form a partnership.
  • Our ice cream client raised funding after making a splash in the news, to support the ongoing expansion of its distribution footprint and manufacturing capabilities.
  • We “hit for the cycle” for our Chicago nonprofit client – getting them four local TV segments, all at different stations in the same market.
  • A smaller suburban hearing client outside Lexington had three news crews arrive simultaneously to capture a charitable hearing aid gift, leading to three segments within 24 hours.

At the national level this year, we got clients in Forbes, MarketWatch, The Washington Post, CNN Online, Fox Business, Livestrong, Axios – just to name a few.

And (if helpful for anyone else) here are some quotes we’re finding inspirational this year, and how we act on each:

  • “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” You must be able to pivot a pitch topic when a reporter doesn’t say “yes” immediately. This is a foundational skill in media relations. And if they say something like “now’s not good; try me Wednesday at 11,” you must respect it, mark that on your calendar – and roll with their punch!
  • “The room’s calm and quiet person is in the midst of not stating their case.” Everyone needs to listen better (and more), and we’re no exception. Also, when you really know your stuff – and know the positive impact your work makes, it lends to more easy-flowing conversations.
  • “Some people catch what’s thrown to them; others go up and get it.” If you’re mostly blasting out template email pitches, as well as not phone pitching, you’re only catching surprise opportunities that float over to you and fall in your lap – instead of driving what’s in the news and being more proactive.

It’s been an amazing second year, and here’s to hoping + planning for a great third year ahead!


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