Case Study: Trending Stocks – Enhancing Visibility and Growth Through Strategic Public Relations

Client: Trending Stocks, a fast-growing startup focused on providing comprehensive data analysis for stock market trends.

Objective: The client sought to enhance their market presence, increase user base and establish the founder as a thought leader within the financial technology industry.

Strategy: HighRes Public Relations devised a multi-faceted media strategy, securing high-impact placements in major publications and on influential platforms. The aim was to spotlight the client’s innovative approach to stock market analysis and the unique insights provided by their technology.

Actions Taken:

  1. Example Media Placements:
    • Chicago Sun-Times: Featured an in-depth profile on the startup’s cutting-edge methods and the founder’s vision, contributing significantly to local market penetration.
    • Fox Business: Positioned the company’s offerings as essential tools for modern investors, focusing on the benefits of single-stock ETFs, a novel concept promoted by the startup.
    • MarketWatch: Highlighted the company’s analysis comparing the current market trends to historical data, enhancing credibility among professional traders.
    • Forbes: An article detailing the founder’s innovative approach to risk in DIY investing helped solidify his status as a thought leader.


  • User Growth: Within the timeframe from May 10, 2022, to April 30, 2023, the startup saw a phenomenal 237.65% increase in new users, indicating a successful enhancement of brand awareness and appeal.
  • Website Traffic: Web traffic spiked during and after each placement and maintained higher daily traffic as a result of increased brand awareness. Below is a snapshot of just a couple of months of activity:

  • Brand Positioning: The founder was increasingly recognized as a thought leader, influencing both current and potential users.
  • Media Reach: The strategic media placements led to significant increases in website traffic, engagement on social media platforms and heightened interest from potential clients.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Trending Stocks and HighRes Public Relations resulted in outstanding growth and brand recognition, validating the effectiveness of a well-crafted media relations strategy in the fintech sector. This case demonstrates the HighRes Public Relations’ ability to significantly elevate a client’s market presence and contribute to their operational success.

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