Case Study: Prescription Hearing Expands Reach and Impact Within Local Community

Client: Prescription Hearing, Orland Hearing Center

Objective: To amplify Prescription Hearing, Orland Hearing Center’s local presence, become a better-known hearing care provider locally, boost search engine optimization (SEO), increase patient influx, and establish the Chief Audiologist as a thought leader in the audiology sector.


Prescription Hearing, Orland Hearing Center is a healthcare clinic specializing in audiology services, that wanted to expand its reach and impact within the local community. To achieve this, Prescription Hearing partnered with HighRes Public Relations because of its robust track record in health-sector media engagement and local market penetration.


HighRes Public Relations devised a multifaceted strategy to meet Prescription Hearing, Orland Hearing Center’s objectives by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Targeted Local Media Placements: Strategically placing content in local news outlets and specialized media to ensure maximum exposure in the relevant market.
  2. Diverse Media Formats: Utilizing a mix of digital, print, and video media to appeal to a broad audience, ensuring that content was accessible and engaging across various platforms.
  3. Expert Positioning: Promoting the Chief Audiologist’s expertise to build credibility and establish them as a thought leader, enhancing both their personal and the clinic’s brand authority.


HighRes Public Relation’s execution involved securing a series of strategic media placements:

  • Local Newspapers and Business Journals: Features in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business focused on the clinic’s innovative approaches and community contributions.
  • Digital and Broadcast Media: Production of video interviews and features for digital platforms and local TV stations such as FOX and NBC, detailing the latest developments in hearing aid technology and professional insights from the Chief Audiologist.
  • Specialized Content: Articles on specific issues such as the impact of pandemic-related mask wearing on hearing and the collaborative efforts with church musicians to design custom ear monitors, illustrating the clinic’s engagement with community-specific needs.


The targeted PR campaign delivered substantial benefits:

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The clinic experienced a dramatic 276% increase in web traffic, directly correlated to the SEO-friendly news content distributed through various media channels.

  • Placements: 22 media placements over the 10-month period.
  • Increased Service Demand: There was a marked increase in patient appointments for hearing evaluations and purchases of hearing aids (20-30 more units per month), leading to the expansion of staff, including new frontdesk personnel and an additional hearing aid dispenser.
  • Established Thought Leadership: The Chief Audiologist became a recognized authority in audiology in the Chicagoland area, sought after by media for expert opinions, further solidifying their and the clinic’s reputation.


The HighRes Public Relations campaign not only met Prescription Hearing, Orland Hearing Center’s initial goals, but also significantly boosted the clinic’s operational scale and brand authority.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of strategic media relations in enhancing a medical clinic’s local market presence and authority, showcasing the substantial return on investment that can be achieved through well-executed media strategies in specialized healthcare fields.

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