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HighRes Public Relations

Bringing what’s newsworthy into focus

HighRes Public Relations

Bringing what’s newsworthy into focus

HighRes’ innovation and creativity is key to helping clients shape their stories

Going beyond surface-level details

Too many exciting stories that would resonate with the media fall by the wayside – having gone untold and undiscovered.

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Why PR for your story?

Unlike advertising, PR builds trust for your business. With PR, you are the story, not a paid square next to it or a commercial after it

See what’s PR worthy through our lens

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Up to 10,000 ads per day

According to Forbes, it’s estimated most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day.

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40% of users block ads

According to c|net, 40% of adults block online ads.

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90% more effective

According to Forbes, PR can be 90% more effective than advertising, since customers prefer editorial coverage over product pitches.

Matt Siegler

Who we are

HighRes Public Relations is a tenacious results-driven PR agency

Unlike other firms, HighRes both generates innovative pitches that hit the mark and drives these messages home with media. HighRes researches current macrotrends, evolving news beats and media landscapes, and we ask our clients the right questions to get them in these conversations. HighRes pinpoints clients’ newsworthy qualities and weaves them into imaginative pitches, resulting in topnotch placements.

Trusted by businesses both Small and Large
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HighRes is persistent. Its clients don’t just get placement into the news, they drive the news

Using all channels available: broadcast, print, podcast and online placements, clients get broad exposure for their company’s news, products, strategy announcements, growth results, forecasts, new openings, and more.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Rated 5 stars on Google

Kori Castro

As a business owner of many years I have tried many different ways of marketing to my clients, but I had never tried engaging with PR until I started working with Matt. He spent the time to learn about my business and industry, and he's been very effective in pitching our story to local media. In the couple of months since we started working together, he has already landed half a dozen interviews in print and video, including getting a local news station to feature the business. Bottom line, although I believe PR is best for brand building and communicating your story to a community, our PR efforts have been generating revenue that we would not have otherwise received. Matt has been amazing to work with and well worth the investment.

Sharon Duffy
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I am a firm believer in giving both positive and negative reviews only when "earned".

We knew we needed a way to spread the word about our business. We had been writing blog posts and using social media but had no knowledge of the PR world and how it might help.

We were very fortunate to be introduced to Matt Siegler of HighRes Public Relations by ShapeConnect, a firm we were familiar with, that
matches up SMBs with great resources.

Matt is really thorough and took the time necessary to understand our business so that he could create the PR pitches that would get results.

He did his homework. And I have to say he really delivered! He was able to arrange several interviews in a very short time, including with a major publication. As a result, our subscription rate has tripled!!!

Matt is an expert in his field. We are not, and are the beneficiaries of that expertise. We highly recommend him.

Yvonne Petterson
Shape Connect

HighRes Public Relations has surpassed my expectations in every way. Matt has an incredible talent for weaving our story into timely news events and getting us placements. He also helps prepare us for interviews, which is invaluable.

Want tips on Media Relations?

Take a look at our short videos with useful PR insights

A quick-hitting playlist dedicated to providing tips and insights on media relations, pitching, interacting with reporters, TV media prep and more!

Matt Siegler
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